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. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm brooke baldwin. it is 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. >>> downtown boston, this beautiful city is a crime scene this morning after a terror attack at the finish line of the boston marathon. normally such a joyous event that brings the city together. this is what we know at the moent, at least three people are dead this morning including an 8-year-old boy. "the boston globe" identifying that boy as martin rich char ri door chester, massachusetts. 17 of these people are said to be in critical condition. the fbi is leading the investigation right now. there's no known motive and no one is in custody but authorities are looking into several active leads. overnight they executed a search warrant at revere, massachusetts. 2:50 p.m. was the first explosion. the second explosion coming just 12 seconds later. this is what it looked and sounded like. that scene, you can see it, just chaos, confusion. police scramble to respond. >> get all units in this city to this scene now. >> i have multiple people down here, okay. i don't
." >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back. i'm chris cuomo with john berman here in boston. the big story this morning breaking news, a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small texas town of west, just north of waco. >> officials right now giving a preliminary estimate of 5 to 15 people killed. but again, it is early. that number possibly could rise. number of injured very high, also. more than 160 people have been injured, taken to local area hospitals and there is a search and rescue operation under way which will get more intense as day light comes up there. >> you have to imagine this is a very small town. less than 3,000 people. they only have three ambulances. luckily responding around the area, people came with first responders, the equipment that they needed, able to help get people to local hospitals. but 50 to 60 of their homes in this tiny community heavily damaged. some of them they are not able to search yet because they're dealing with chemicals in the area and future explosions. they were doing it overnight in the dark. very fluid situation. we're going to be fo
. and welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in boston this morning. it is wednesday, april 24th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> while you were sleeping, the proud, resilient people of this uniquely american city began taking back boylston street. boylston street is reopening this morning. i just went for a walk on it. meanwhile, there are new developments with the suspected terrorist who is charged with shutting it down with a pair of bombs on marathon monday. here is the latest. dzhokhar tsarnaev's condition upgraded from serious to fair this morning. there are reports he could be transported out of beth israel deaconess medical center soon. a news official tells cnn's jessica yellin there is no hard evidence the tsarnaev brothers had any accomplices or any connections to extremists. there is another new development this morning. a delegation from the u.s. embassy in moscow is in dagestan this morning attempting to interview the parents off tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev with cooperation from the russian government. >> reporter: good
're with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in boston this morning. it is friday, april 26th, 5:00 a.m. in the east, and this morning i am standing in front of that memorial, zoraida, that beautiful memorial that's been set up here in boston's copley square. there are running sneakers here, there are mementos left behind for all those people lost here in these tragic events nearly two weeks ago now. and as everyone here in boston around the country remembers, investigators are still piecing together their case here, and we begin with a chilling, new development in these boston marathon terror attacks. the tsarnaev brothers reportedly planned more attacks. and here's a live look at what was supposed to be their next target. that's new york city's times square, of course. the "boston globe" reports that anti-terror intelligence units in massachusetts were never advised that the fbi had looked into tamerlan tsarnaev's activities in 2011. and also this, the apparent security gaps do not end there. a u.s. official says a counterterrorism task force receiv
you're with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in boston. it's monday, april 29th. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. we're back in boston this monday morning following all the latest developments in the boston marathon bombing investigation. our lead is reconstructing exactly what happened in russia. the fbi is now working with russian security officials to piece together suspected boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev's every move during his 2011 visit to russia. investigators say they believe the tsarnaev brothers were likely self-radicalized and used the internet to make their bombs, but they are still looking at the possibility that other people in russia or in the u.s. may have been influences or accomplices. among these people, their mother, along with tamerlan's wife, who converted it's to islam when she married him in 2010. the bombing suspect's father postponed his trip to the united states. he told russian state media he is in the hospital because of a blood pressure spike. two weeks after the boston terror attack, more than two dozen people
is alive with red sox fans cheering on their home team and their hometown. john berman, who is a boston red sox fan, joins me live at the ballpark. john, i will say that i have no problem rooting against the kansas city royals. so i'm with you in spirit today. >> jake, i think everyone is with us in spirit today. i think everyone is a red sox fan today. behind me in fenway park at this moment, a special pregame ceremony happening right now. they just played hall lieu ya and put images up on the screen. it was incredibly moving. they are paying tribute right now to the first responders and law enforcement officials here in the city. in some ways, the red sox sort of bookend this incredible week that's happened here in boston. the red sox played on patriots day last monday. the game let out, the team left, fans streamed out of here and shortly after that is when the bombings happened at the finish line of the marathon. the red sox left and went on a road trip. they haven't played a home game since the attacks and they had to cancel last night out of security concerns, but they are playing tod
to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman. >> good morning. i'm brooke baldwin. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. we begin with this. new developments in the boston marathon bombings. chilling photos just released. they show the remains of one of the explosive devices. wir wires, we're also seeing a battery and bits and pieces of what looks to be a circuit board. reuters saying the government official who did not want to be identified shared these photos along with these images of a mangled pressure cooker. as we look at the different photos, one appears to be a cluster, you see tiny bbs likely fused together and shot out after the heat of this blast. the fbi saying the second bomb was also in some sort of metal container. >> all those doctors saying they were finding the bbs and nails in the patients they were treating. >>> and word that boston area hospitals released at least 100 of the 183 people injured in monday's attack. we're learning more about the third person killed, identified as a chinese grad student studying at boston university. we are respecting her family's wishes
." i'm john berman live in boston. >> i'm zoraida sambolin in new york city. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east, i know you have a lot going on, john. >> that's right. we begin with new developments unfolding right here in the boston marathon bombing investigation. the surviving suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev could be criminally charged today. waiting to find out what, if anything, he might be communicating to law enforcement officials. and there are new questions about whether the fbi dropped the ball after being warned by the russians in 2011 about cz tsarnaev's older brother, tamer ly tamerlan. nick paton walsh is in dagestan, and we have joe johns in washington, but we began with pamela brown with the latest on the investigation. >>> after a week of terror, chaos and heartache, the city of boston is still recovering. there are signs that life is starting to return back to normal here. there is a sense of relief after the arrest of the suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. now the focus is on what charges he will face and when. >> reporter: one week after two deadly bombings explod
to "early start." >> i'm john berman, live in boston. it is tuesday, april 23rd. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. we have big developments overnight in the boston bombing investigation. the suspect is communicating and the city he and his brother are charged with terrorizing is prepared to take back its street today. this is the latest. dzhokhar tsarnaev said that his brother was behind the terror attack, no groups were involved and the motivation of the bombing was to defend islam. all of these claims must now be verified by investigators. one other piece of news overnight. residents, and people who work on boyleston street, which is the crime scene. residents and people who work there, will be allowed back today. we'll start our coverage with miguel marquez at the medical center where the suspect remains being treated. good morning. miguel. >> reporter: good morning. he is being treated. there's little change in his condition overnight and investigators occasionally speak with him. dzhokhar tsarnaev was read his rights, has a lawyer and will be tried as any other citizen, not as an enemy comba
. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman in boston. we'll have live coverage from here coming up in a few minutes. >> and i'm in new york. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. we begin with breaking news overnight. two fuel barges burning at this hour. they're docked in alabama. the fires are simply too hot and too dangerous for firefighters to battle there. the barges are loaded with gasoline. they exploded. take a look at that. this was last night. officials say there were six explosions. they were heard up to 20 miles away. the shipping channel where the barges are docked are closed right now and leaves three people hospitalized. we do not know what condition they're in. fire officials believe everyone has been accounted for. the barges are burning from where the chip will ed carnival cruise ship is docked. we're going to continue to follow this developing story for you. let's head back to boston. john berman is standing by there. >> thanks. important new developments to tell you about in the boston marathon bombing case. right now the tsarnaev brothers used a remot
out to john berman and brooke baldwin live in boston. good morning. >> thank you very much. when we continue, we'll show you these new photos of the bombs that were used in the boston marathon terror attack, just a couple yards from where we're standing this morning. >> investigators poring through them now. can they provide enough clues to solve this case? we will tell you where the investigation stands right now. you are watching a special edition of "early start." by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper. this is kate. she likes a man with a little hair on his chest. but definitely not on his back. this is hannah. she likes a guy with a smooth stomach to show off his six-pack. [ ding! ] and this is genesis. she likes men completely hairless and, no, she doesn
will be with them every single step of the way. >> i'm chris cuomo here with john berman. we have breaking news this morning. a face and a name to go with one of the young victims of this terrible tragedy. his name is richard martin. that's a picture of him at his communion. something so many families recognize as a beautiful event. he's holding up a picture of his name. he came here with his mother and sister to celebrate their daddy running the marathon. they went out to give him his hug. he wound up losing his life. his sister lost her leg. the mother still in the hospital. this one family story, on the investigative side is a search for who did this and why continues. an apartment in revere, massachusetts, may be connected to the bombings. investigators leaving with bags of evidence, trace chemicals, maybe, hard drives, maybe, we're told. hopefully another piece in the puzzle of what happened here. >> grieving very much. that family in mourning, and investigators pounding the pavement right now. all around us, literally looking for any clue they might find from cell phone records to apartme
for test results to see if the letters were laced with ricin. a. >> i'm john berman, live in boston. >> we begin in the small town of west, texas, about 20 miles west of waco. it resembles a war zone this morning. it was rocked overnight by a chemical explosion and a fire at fertilizer plant. that blast captured on video. just incredible. dozens of homes or buildings were leveled or damaged. the town's mayor telling cnn what that explosion felt like. >> i have never seen an explosion like that. a ball of fire went up. looked like a nuclear bomb went off. big old mushroom cloud. >> about half the population of west, texas, some 1400 people, were evacuated. officials say there are two confirmed fatalities. that number could rise throughout the day. more than 150 people are being treated right now at area hospitals. officials are going door to door. they are searching for survivors this morning. >> we are all over this story for you this morning with live team coverage. it's a very fluid situation on the ground there. that's where we find cnn's martin savidge in west, texas, for us. good morn
, chris cuomo and john berman are there continuing their conversation. hi, guys. >> thank you, christine. having a little audio problem but we're back. we're going to take a break. when we come back we're going to keep talking to fran and juliette. there's a lot to be learned from these photos. >> we're also take a look right now at what people are doing coming together to help the victims here. there are a lot of charity organizations right now, legitimate ones, but there are also some rip-offs. we're going to tell you how to tell the difference. >>> also you know that we're following other stories from around the globe. margaret thatcher, we're going to look at the farewell to her. we'll bring you live pictures from there as we continue throughout the morning. the funeral just took place. we'll come back to "starting point" in a few. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the s
>> reporter: hello, everyone. i'm john berman. welcome back to cnn's team coverage of the aftermath of the bombings here in boston at the end of the boston marathon. let's bring you up to speed on all that's p haing right now because there are a number of developments. the city of boston, goes without saying, in shock this morning, struggling to bounce back from these deadly twin bombings during the running of the boston marathon, right at the finish line. 4 hours 9 minutes into the race. we just got an update from federal, state and local official. here's what the suffolk county district attorney had to say. let's listen. >> what happened yesterday in boston was an act of cowardice. while there will be an opportunity in the future at the conclusion of this investigation to officially define this act, make no mistake an act of cowardice and of this severity cannot be justified or explained. it can only be answered. >> reporter: let's talk about the facts that are really coming in every few minutes. here's what we know right now. so far, no arrests have been made. there are no suspec
our coverage of this crazy night and crazy week here in boston with jay tapper and john berman. gentlemen? >>> good morning. our breaking news continues here in watertown. i'm jay tapper. >> i'm john berman. it has been a night of murder and gunfire. reports of explosions rocking the area. this all happened while you were sleeping all night long. people in or near watertown, a town just outside of boston about it a miles from here, being told to stay indoors. do not answer the door unless the people can identify themselves as really police officers right now. as we have been saying, it was a night of sheer mayhem starting with shootings on the campus of m.i.t. in cambridge. that's a shooting, about a mile from where we are standing, which is the site of the boston marathon bombing. police say there was a shooting and then a short time later a carjacking there. then a police chase with reports of explosives involved. >> it was a heroing night in nearby watertown. there a male suspect has been apprehended. take a look at this exclusive cnn video. the suspect ordered to strip nake
. good morning to you. welcome to this special edition of "early start." >> i'm john berman in boston. again this morning, it is 4 a.m. in the east. >> and we are going to begin this morning with breaking news. it's developing overnight in texas. a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small town of west texas, 20 miles from waco. the moment of impact captured on video. reports say 10 to 15 home and buildings were demolished and crews are trying to rescue residents at this hour. dozens more homes are heavily damaged. that blast shattered windows ten miles away. the town's mayor telling cnn just what it felt like. >> i just have never seen an explosion like that. a ball of fire and it looked like a nuclear bomb went off. big old mushroom cloud. >> so, police officials are reluctant to say how many people have died. >> at this point we don't know a number that have been killed. i will confirm there have been fatalities. i think we will see those fatalities increase as we get toward the morning. numerous injuries have been removed from the scene to the hospital. we've taken them
conditions. we're hoping for a press conference to get some more answers. >> pamela, john berman here. do we have a sense of when the next step in the legal process might be? >> reporter: well if he is physically able he could be arraigned as early as this weekend. it is unlikely that will happen considering is he in serious condition. when at rainment does happen a preliminary hearing will be set within 30 days and the indictment will go to a grand jury. he hasn't been charged yet and the charges that he does face will determine whether his trial goes to a state or federal level and whether he'll face the death penalty because the state of mass mass does not have a death penalty but as of now we don't know the charges that he will face. >> pam, we know so many of the victims went to beth israel after the attacks. are there any still in the hospital and certainly people must be finding sort of an irony that the suspect's being treated the same place where his alleged victims are being treated. >> reporter: you can imagine how disturbing this must be for the victims, who are still at this hos
. let's get started at >>> it's the bottom of the area. welcome back. i am john berman in boston. this morning, elation and relief. an emotional night. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev in a hospital under heavy guard. this image shows him bloody on a boat in a backyard in watertown. he was captured last night after a dramatic gunfight with police. it was this tweet that confirmed what residents had been hoping for since monday's bombing that read, suspect in custody. and the fbi added the word "captured" to its wanted poster. and just because the suspect is in custody it does not mean this drama is order. authorities have decided how to handle him right now. for more we are joined by the expert in international security and a research associate. you live in watertown and you have been going through this for the last few days. what has that been like? >> surreal, you know. yesterday i wake up to the sounds of helicopters over my house. i look out from my front porch and i can see police officers who closed off streets. i try to make it to my television studio, in watertown,
morning, everyone. i'm john berman live in boston. and i'm zoraida sambol. special coverage of the boston marathon bombings continues. >> let's get to latest on these bombings. perhaps the only person who knows the motive for the attack is sedated with a tube running down his throat. d dzhokhar tsarnaev is under heavy guard this morning in a boston hospital. the 19-year-old suspect will face federal terrorism charges and possibly murder charges in massachusetts. we have also learned more about the shootout early friday in watertown that led the other suspect, his older brother, dead. the police chief told cnn that officers found handguns, a rifle and at least six bombs including one made from a pressure cooker at the scene. he also said that during the gun battle, the surviving suspect drove a stolen car toward officers and ended up dragging his own brother down the street. investigators now also saying the evidence suggests the brothers acted alone. meanwhile, at least 57 bombing victims are still in the hospital. two of them in critical condition. >> in just about two hours, the univers
>>> bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambol. nice to have you with us this morning. >> let's get right up to speed on the boston bombings. the only person who knows the motive for the attack is sedated now. dzhokhar tsarnaev under heavy guard this morning at a boston hospital. officials say the 19-year-old suspect will face federal terrorism charges, possibly murder charges here in massachusetts. meanwhile, at least 57 bombing victims are still in the hospital. two of them in critical condition. we now also know at least six bombs, six were found at the scene of the shootout early friday and left the other suspect dead. during that battle, officials say the surviving suspect drove a stolen car toward officers and ended up dragging his own brother down the street. >> brian todd joins us now with a final recap of moments that brought down dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> reporter: as he was cornered, dzhokhar tsarnaev, police say, engaged them with gunfire. it it went on for several minutes and police lobbed in flash-bangs to stun him. in the end, author
morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. zoraida is off today. >> i'm john berman. it is friday, april 12th, it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. happening right now, secretary of state, john kerry, touching down overnight in seoul trying to diffuse the missile crisis on the korean peninsula just hours after the dramatic and unexpected revelation that some u.s. intelligence sources believe that north korea has the technology to make a nuclear weapon and put it on a missile. with so much at stake, kerry will make three stops, beijing and tokyo are up next. and the secretary of state is expected to lean very hard on china to help rein in the north. here's kyung lah. >> reporter: secretary kerry is in seoul, it's a trip built as a getting-to-know-you trip. he's getting to work quickly because there's a lot on his plate, a whirlwind 18-hour tour in south korea. he's already met with top u.s. commanders in the region, he's already met with the president of south korea and is now on his way to meet with the foreign minister. he has a two-part mission here. first, it will be to r
will tell. >>> welcome here to boston. i'm john berman. this is a special edition of cnn sunday morning. we are live in boston nearly one week after the boston marathon bombings that frankly stunned this city and lent to that manhunt with the whole world watching. >> yesterday i just came many and i was talking to folks in the area. they said what's really shocking is to see what's still behind us. one week after and typically after the boston marathon, their city goes back to normal. >> we are standing one block away from the crime scene. from the finish line of the boston marathon where the twin bombings happened again. last monday the investigation into why it happened still very much going on. one brother dead, the other in a hospital right now. our susan candiotti is covering every angle of the investigation. susan? >> hi, john. when you think back of how quickly things have come together, one thing that comes to mind is this. how modern technology really helped investigators at every step along the way during the manhunt. we had the isolation of the still photographs of the two suspec
finished, four hours, about ten minutes in when the thick of the runners going to come. john berman takes us through a tick tock of what we know what happened and when. take a look. >> reporter: a picture perfect monday in april, patriots day, day of the 117th boston marathon. the elite women races are take off from hopkinton on the 26.2 mile course on their way to boston's back bay. almost 2 1/2 hours later, the first elite runners start crossing the finish line, wave after wave of runners, thousands of them follow. then, about 2:50 in the afternoon, it happens. an explosion near the finish line. 12 seconds later, another explosion, about a block up a crowded boylston street. >> they were banged up. severe lacerations. amput amputees, a lot of shrapnel, pretty big explosions. there was a lot of blood everywhere. >> reporter: emergency teams and law enforcement scramble. >> to this team now please. >> reporter: the investigation begins. two hours late, boston's police commissioner goes before the cameras. >> at 2:50 p.m., today, there were simultaneous explosions that occurred along the r
to win over this little 4-year-old girl. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is friday, april 5th. friday, it's 30 minutes past the hour. >>> big story this morning, missiles on the move. new developments out of north korea. south korea's news agency reports two missiles are being hidden on north korea's east coast. a u.s. official tells cnn the missile and launch components were transferred over the last few days and they are consistent with a missile that has a range of 2,500 miles that could pose a threat to south korea, japan and u.s. bases in guam. cnn's jim clancy is live in seoul, south carolina. good morning, jim. reports that north korea moved a second med range missile to its east coast. what sort of message does this send to the world? how much of this message is aimed at internal politics and not sabre rattling on the outside? >> you know, it is really meant to poke a finger in the eye of washington and seoul. these joint military maneuvers are the focal point of all of this. these always perturb north korea. this is somethin
simply disappeared. >> fit for a movie. >> crazy. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm brooke baldwin sitting in for zoraida. want to begin with new developments in the high-stakes effort to defuse north korea's nuclear threat. the u.s. now renewing its call for authentic and credible negotiation but secretary of state john kerry is make it crystal clear north korea has to make the first move toward mothballing its nuclear ambitions. jim clancy is up for us in seoul, south korea. jim, let's begin with this rare public appearance. we haven't seen this young leader in a number of weeks. where was he? what was he doing? >> reporter: well, he slipped out of the shadows. we assume he was right there in the leadership position in pyongyang. he just wasn't being seen in public but he emerged exactly at the stroke of midnight to go to the great hall where the bodies of his grandfather kim il-sung, the founder, first leader of north korea alongside his own father kim jong-il are entombed in glass coffins there paying as we were told the humblest respects to the leaders. the da
baldwin. >> i'm john berman. happy patriots day. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> let's begin with a little news from the homeland. we have the northern plains pounded. we saw some of the pictures by snow. where are we, like almost in may now and here you have this snow, lots of it. combined with low visibility, high winds creating a recipe for disaster on this minnesota hi highway. the dakotas saw up to a foot and a half of snow yesterday and, folks, it is not over yet, another winterlike blast taking aim at denver. how much snow is expected there? let's go to bonnie schneider live in the weather center. say it isn't so. >> i'm sure that's what they're saying in denver. where is our spring. denver, you're on your way to seeing the snowiest april ever but it's not just snowing in colorado. we have snow right now in northern minnesota across the northern plains and then where it's a little warmer, seeing very heavy thunderstorms that are keeping across milwaukee and into green bay at this hour. so it's a stormy and snowy start to your workweekment look up to a foot in parts of the northern p
this morning. welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. empanada day. >> he's already had five. >> could be a rough one. >>> news overnight. the end of a kidnapping drama that turned into a man hunt and ended under the shadow of the cold war. the parents accused of an ducting their two young sons and sailing off to cuba are back on u.s. soil and placed under arrest. it was cuba that turned the hakken family over. florida authorities sent a plane to havana to bring them back to tampa overnight. victor blackwell is live in tampa this morning. good morning, victor. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. the headline is chase and cole hakken are safe at home with their grandparents. their parents, joshua and sharon hakken are in jail. we have video of their arrival overnight in hillsborough county on that plane that was sent to cuba to retrieve them. here's how it all went down. this is from the fbi and the hillsborough county sheriff's office. it was the state department that received information that the hakken family had arrived in cuba. initially the f
. welcome back to "early start" everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans in for zoraida sambolin. a manhunt is on for the killer or killers in the double prurder that has a texas community on edge this morning. the district attorney and his wife found gunned down at their home in kaufman county, southeast of dallas. mike mclelland and his wife cynthia are the latest victims in what could be a case of a serial assassin targeting public officials. just two months ago assistant district attorney mark hasse was gunned down in broad daylight near the courthouse as he walked to work. as far as we know police have no suspects and no motive for this murder. george howell live in kaufman, texas, for us this morning. george, police haven't publicly linked the cases. but i mean, many speculate that these murders are connected. what can you tell us about the possible connection between the two? >> well, christine, good morning. both of these men worked very closely on similar cases and we're hearing from public officials here, who believe that these men may have been targeted, as it may have
, i'm john berman. >> good morning, i'm brooke baldwin. it is a real-life tragedy for the reality show cast this morning a favorite on mtv it's called "buckwild." and this young man, 21-year-old shain gandee was found dead. first reported missing sunday night, gandee and two others, one of whom was his uncle, were found dead inside a ford bronco on monday. so this truck was partially submerged in mud in a wooded area of kanawha county in west virginia. and nischelle turner is live for us in los angeles to sort of unravel some of these details. what do we know this morning? >> well, things are becoming a little bit clearer, brooke. like you said you mentioned the truck was found partially submerged in mud and the muffler was under the mud. that could lead us to a little bit of a clue into what happened here. the sheriff's department tells us that gandee was found dead monday in a wooded area in west virginia. they did find the body of his 48-year-old uncle and a third victim, 27-year-old donald robert myers. the cause of death still under investigation but the sheriff's department said
'm christine romans this tuesday morning. >> and i'm john berman. zoraida is off this week. as christine said, it is tuesday, april 2nd, 5:00 a.m. in the east, and we start with major news overnight. >>> an aggressive move in the nuclear standoff with north korea. while you were sleeping, north korea announcing plans to restart a nuclear power plant that had been idle for six years. the yongbyon nuclear complex is said to contain the uranium enrichment facility and a nuclear reactor. it was moth balled in 2007 as part of an agreement with the united states and four other countries. meantime, pyongyang has a propaganda video playing on state tv. here here here's. >> reporter: the message is clear, north korean soldiers firing on a paper target with the words usa on the helmet, a live fire drill that aired on state tv vowed to show its enemies in the united states and south korea that it was ready to fight, showing off the military skill with weaponry. and the nation's top athletes running through typical drills with ease. the hermit kingdom releasing this video just days after it declared it w
romans. >> and i'm john berman. zoraida is off today. >>> we're going to start with this video that has the university facing tough, tough questions this morning. it shows rutgers head basketball coach mike rice physically and mentally abusing players at practice. you can see rice grabbing, shoving, even kicking players. he hurls basketballs at their heads, and you can hear him shouting obscenities, including gay slurs. athletes and fans across the country have just been dumbfounded by these images. rutgers officials first saw the video last december. what did they do about it? did they fire the coach? no. the athletic director suspended the coach for three games -- three games. a punish that has fueled some outrage this morning. cnn's pamela brown is following these really shocking developments. >> shocking is right. the university became aware of this video back in december, but it was released to the public yesterday causing shock and outrage over rice's homophobic rants and physical abuse toward his players. now the university is under mounting pressure to fire rice. >> hurling bask
'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. zoraida is off this week. it is thursday, april 4th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east and we're going to start with the military situation. it seems ever more perilous this morning. warships launching, new missile defense systems deployed and the language getting flat-out dangerous. the korean peninsula might be the world's number one hotspot right now, the north threatening to block workers from the south from entering a shared industrial complex, even vowing to shut the facility down. pyongyang also promising attacks on the u.s. with a smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear force, and north korea also warns the moment of explosion is fast approaching. and will the pentagon announce it's moving a ballistic missile defense system to guam two years ahead of schedule, and there is also word out of washington this morning that it wants to try to dial down the rhetoric. we are all over this story this morning. dan lothian is live from washington, but we're going to begin in south korea with jim clancy. >> reporter: a spokesman for south korea's defense min
'm jake tapper. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. what a night. what a night it has been. a massive dramatic police operation unfolding just outside of boston this morning. they are going door-to-door looking for a man who fits the description of boston marathon bombing suspect number two. that is the man seen wearing the white cap in the photos you have been looking at. listen. >> what we are looking for right now is a suspect consistent with the description of suspect number two, the white-capped individual who was involved in monday's bombing of the boston marathon. >> they have also revealed that suspect number one is dead. you may know him as the man wearing the black hat in the photos. this is a warning, people near watertown, massachusetts, eight miles outside of boston, are told to stay inside. do not answer the door unless the people at the door can clearly identify themselves as law enforcement officials. this mayhem unfolded overnight starting with a shooting on the campus of the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge. that's one mile from where we
right now. >>> good morning everyone. i'm john berman. >> and this is a special edition of "cnn sunday morning" live from boston. >> let's get to the latest information on the marathon bombings. perhaps the only person who knows the motive for this attack is sedated with a tube running down his throat this morning. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in a boston hospital. he'll face federal terrorism charges, possibly also state murder charges here in massachusetts. meanwhile, at least 57 bombing victims are still in the hospital this morning. two of them in critical condition. investigators now also saying that evidence suggests the brothers acted alone. and we've learned more about the older brother who was killed in the friday morning shootout. the fbi says its agent interv w interviewed tamerlan tsarnaev but did not find any ties to terrorism. even so the contact was reportedly enough to deny him american citizenship. we have reporters here in the u.s. and abroad with the latest on the attack. our national correspondent susan candiotti is at the hospital where the suspect is recovering. chris is
. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman in boston this morning. >> and good morning, i'm brooke baldwin in new york. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east. >> and here in boston, it really is all hands on deck as authorities investigate those twin bomb blasts right near the finish line of the boston marathon. this is what we know at this moment. the explosions killed three people including an 8-year-old boy. 8-year-old boy identified by the "boston globe" as martin richards of dorchester. his mother and sister also hurt. there were 144 total people hurt, 17 in critical condition this morning, 5 in serious condition. the fbi is now taking the lead in this investigation. there is no motive, no one is in custody, they say. but authorities are said to be pursuing several active leads. overnight they executed a search warrant at an apartment in raveer, massachusetts. the first explosion happened at 2:50 p.m., four hours and nine minutes into the race. the second explosion came 15 seconds later. this is what it looked like. this is what it sounded li
. i'm john berman. >> i'm brooke baldwin. an arrest in the brazen shooting of a west virginia sheriff known for his tough stance on drugs. police in mingo county, west virginia, 37-year-old maynard parked his car close to sheriff's walter crum's suv yesterday and shot him twice in the head while he was heating lunch. >> susan candiotti is live in west virginia right now. what's the latest, susan? >> john, well, certainly this is stunning to everyone b who lives in this community. who would have expected it? and what led to this? all we know is this. cnn has learned that the suspect, after he was caught, said something to investigators, now they're not revealing what that is yet, but possibly it could be a part of the motive, what led to all of this. the suspect is 37-year-old old. his name is maynard and lives withis father. his father told our cnn affiliate that his son suffered from mental problems but we don't know how he got his hands on what police say is a .40 caliber glock, a handgun. when we walked up to the sheriff as he was sitting in his marked vehicle yesterday and shot ri
incredibly well. welcome to "early start" i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. up first we have new developments along the korean peninsula. north korea issuing a warning that south korea has to come up with a plan to evacuate foreigners should the two countries go to war. north korea's ironically named asia pacific peace committee says this morning if there is to be war we do not wish to see foreigners in south korea to be harmed. jim clancy, live in seoul, south korea this morning. jim, what do you make of these new warnings? is this an escalation? or is this just more rhetoric? and what's the response been so far? >> well, you know, it's branching out. look, clear message. and it was crafted to be chilling and ominous. and it was directed straight at, well, me. telling me, as an expatriate working here in seoul that i should consider getting out of dodge or looking for a place to run and hide. but the reaction has not been what north korea would have liked to have seen. let me just give you a coat from the u.s. embassy. it says, we inform our citizens that despite the current pol
you're with us this morning. she's scared of sharks. >> i'm john berman. it's thursday, april 11th. two states, two powerful tornadoes and tens of thousands of people still in the dark this morning. take a look at this. the first tornado hit around 8:00 p.m. in hazelwood, missouri, just outside st. louis. this was the scene after the twister tore through town. it ripped the roofs right off of a lot of houses. two dozen homes suffered major damage. missouri's governor has declared a state of emergency there. >>> in arkansas, a powerful twister shredded a path 30 miles wide through 3 towns in van buren county, about 75 miles north of little rock. 33 homes there, a church and a business, were damaged. several vehicles overturned along highway 65. at least three people hurt. we want to go straight, to samantha moore. she's live in the weather center. what's the latest? >> it's moved out of missouri and stretching all the way from south texas in where they've seen thousands of lightning strikes overnight, stretching on up into the tennessee valley, the ohio valley. and cold air with win
presence than i've ever seen here. >> john berman. thank you so much. >>> digital forensics, how something as simple as a cell phone is making a big difference solving big cases. coverage continues from boston. stay here. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedes-benz for the next new owner. ♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through april 30th. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i >>> good morning, everyone. i'm john berman live in boston. where we begin with breaking news this morning. cnn confirming that the surviving boston bombing suspect has been moved to a prison medical facility away from boston. we'll have the developing details on that. >>> plus, they were planning at least one more attack, the surviving boston bombing suspects revealed their section target. times square. >>> and this morning, hearing from the man carjacked by the accused terror suspects. the moment-by-moment detail of his 90-minute ordeal. we're talking to "the boston globe" reporter that spoke with him exclusive. >>> was the red line crossed? chemical weapons were used in syria. does the u.s. have to get involved in the civil war in syria? >>> and congress gets involved in the airport delay drama. a late-night deal to ease faa furloughs. what that really means. friday, april 26th. a special edition of "starting point" begins right now. >>> we begin with two big breaking developments in the boston marathon bombing investigation to tell you about. the u.s. marshals service confirms that dzh
that this morning. welcome back to "early start." >> i'm john berman, live in boston today. it is tuesday, april 30th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. we begin with a dramatic new development in the boston marathon bombing investigation. female dna has been found on one of the explosive devices. now, federal investigators are closely monitoring tamerlan tsaranev's widow. you see her leaving her parents' home in rhode island. they're trying to figure out what katherine russell did in the days before and after the attack. "the boston herald" reports that the state medical examiner has determined tamerlan's cause of death. they are not releasing the details because russell has not claimed her husband's body. as for dzhokhar tsaranev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team. judy clark, whose past clients include susan smith. and she represented the unabomber, ted kaczynski. all these clients avoided the death penalty, getting life sentences, instead. federal investigators are focusing their efforts on the female dna that was discovered on bomb fragments at the boston marathon finish line. yeste
back. >> thank you. >> welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it's monday, april 8th. >> we start with breaking news, a frantic search for two small children buried when a dirt wall collapsed. it's now turned into a recovery effort. it started sunday afternoon, rescuers have been working around the clock digging by hand but they now fear the worst. a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy were playing in a hole being dugout for the basement of a new home when the dirt wall gave way. after hours of digging this morning, rescuers say what had been a rescue effort is now a recovery effort. they dug down 20 feet with no sign of the children so far. we will bring you the latest as we learn more. >> a developing story, a murdered american diplomat coming home from afghanistan today. most of us never heard of anne sm smedinghof before this weekend, barbara starr is live from the pentagon with the latest developments for us. good morning to you, barbara. >> good morning. everyone says this is a young woman who was doing exactly what she wanted to do, serving her coun
updates all morning long. ed john in boston making news in the marathon daycase. john berman there with more on that. john? >> there is breaking news this morning in the boston marathon bombing case, as well. the parents of tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev holding a news conference right now. so far his mother is telling reporters that the u.s. is accusing them of being terrorists. she's in tears. she says u.s. officials have told them she will not be able toe to see their son dzhokhar when they come to the united states. nic robertson is in the news conference in dagestan. he will join us live in a few minutes with more. meantime, here's the latest in the investigation. a congressman who sits tons house intelligence committee rae vealing the tsarnaev brothers used a remote control device similar to one used to operate a toy car to set huh the explosives. in the next 24 hours the father of the suspected bombers anzor tsarnaev is expected to arrive in the united states. we are told he is cooperating with the fbi investigation. and we've also learned that the russian not t only f
of the u.s. border. >>> to john berman in boston. new developments unfolding in the boston marathon bombing investigation. good morning, john. >> thanks so much, christine. you know, in the wake of the boston bombings, there have been a lot of serious questions about what more the u.s. intelligence agencies could have done to prevent the attack. the front line special tonight which looks at what federal agencies are are doing to keep america safe from terror attacks. top secret america, 9/11 to the boston bombings, and in an inclusive reporting by dana priest, a "washington post" reporter. >> what we want to do is turn all of the local and state law enforcement personnel into the tipsters for the fbi. into the frontline foot soldiers looking for possible terrorists. dana, i'm so glad you are here. you have studied the intelligence system more than anyone. when you heard the russian intelligence service called the fbi and said, fbi, you should look into tamerlan sper lar tsa what does that say to you? >> they had a file that was supposed to go, stay active, even if they found nothing
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